The Official White Paper of MNNT Ltd.
As majority of companies race to recreate replications of the real world on a digital scale, MNNT Ltd. envisions a different path forward. Every single day people all around the world attempt to escape the mundane tonality of the real world through different outlets like gaming, movies or anime.
With new applications powered by blockchain and web3, we now have the power to redefine reality into our own fantasies and live in ways that had only seemed possible in our imaginations. Imagine honing your combat skills to become a brave and courageous warrior, or gaining notoriety from discovering new lands and treasures to sell to the highest bidder. Begin mastering the ancient secrets of the lands to become a spell casting mage, or forging the finest weapons and armor to become known throughout the metaverse. Now imagine earning monetary compensation in exchange for the goods and/or services you provide. All of this and more will be possible in the metaverse created by MNNT Ltd. With our inspirations deeply rooted in anime, Star Wars and steampunk cultures, MNNT Ltd. envisions a metaverse straight out of your favorite anime series. A fantasy world of wonder, where the possibilities are bound only by our own imaginations.
Within this fantasy anime world, MNNT Ltd., ambitiously reimagines the way users interact digitally with one another. Facilitating a paradigm shift from the increasingly curated and exhaustive experience that comes with navigating the various web2 social media platforms to an immersive digital experience where users interact creating relationships while also benefiting economically; transforming the way we play, earn, and live. In this nascent industry, imagination is the only limitation to what can be achieved within our digital world of endless possibility.
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