Andrometa Metaverse

A User Owned and Operated Digital Economy
Andrometa is virtual world (MMO RPG) developed on Unreal Engine 5, made up of a culmination of different planets, geographical environments and cities that enables users to own, build, create and monetize their digital experience on our custom 'Malaia Sidechain' using Andrometa $SHRDS, our platform's utility token.
Andrometa offers a unique experience to our users by giving them the ability to purchase tokenized land plots that owners can repurpose and monetize to earn $SHRDS from their digital efforts. The land plots are represented by non-fungible tokens that can be bought, sold, traded, rented etc. Expansive MMORPG environmental game play will come out in phases as more and more regions of Andrometa are developed and released. MNNT is developing a true player owned and operated economy where players may earn not only by exploration and game play, but also through content creation and adding value into the metaverse. This type of business model, empowers the creativity of our users, as Andrometa will continue to grow as more user generated content is created.
MNNT Ltd. envisions a brand new and unique digital experience where users have the ability to become hunters, gatherers, forge masters, tavern owners, farmers, merchants, messengers, warriors, guild owners monster hunter and so on. All the while earning real economic value from their inter-metaverse professional pursuits, completely separate from the real world economy.
City of GARUDOR the First City Set to Release in Andrometa