Founding Team

Headquartered in the Cayman Islands, MNNT Ltd. is made up of a diverse group of talented individuals from the four corners of the world.
John Vincent Manuntag (Philippines) - Chief Creative Officer.
John Manuntag, otherwise known as "MX", is the founder of Outkast NFT and a Director on the Board of MNNT Ltd., in charge of design, artistic/creative direction, and Metaverse development. John is a practicing architect that owns a full scale construction company in the Philippines, specializing in residential design and construction. He is also a passionate game developer and has published games on android with a prior startup he co-founded in 2015.
Vijay Lakshman (United States) - Chief Innovation Officer.
Vijay Lakshman also known as "Noble," is a 30-year veteran of software development, having successfully delivered over $2B in revenue on global projects in deadline-oriented environments with budgets ranging up to $100MM. His expertise spans multiple development methodologies to reduce risks and increase engagement in entertainment and educational software titles, and for improving healthcare and patient compliance via product gamification. His multi-faceted background draws from both his creative talent and his proven business education to forge high value return for investors. His background includes serving as Vice President of Product Development at Universal Studios, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Planet3, and Executive Director at National Geographic. He now serves as the Managing Director of Products for Mindgrub Ventures, LLC. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration from George Washington University, graduated from Harvard Business School’s elite General Manager Program, received his ‘Mini-Medical’ certification from Georgetown University Medical School, has garnered recognition as an award-winning author of the dark fantasy series Mythborn, and was named Top Contributor 2018 on
Stanislas Juery (Switzerland) - Chief Technical Officer
Stanislas Juery better known as "Night", is a Director at MNNT Ltd., and a software engineer in charge of technological, Blockchain and Game development. Born in the 'Crypto Valley' of Switzerland, he has travelled all around the world honing his developmental skills in the Silicon Valley. Night has been designing games and testing the limits of coding from a very young age. He is responsible for the creation of the Malaia Chain and created a special captcha like system for NFT minting that keeps bots out of the NFT minting process. Night strives to develop and code new ideas that help make Crypto more mainstream and user friendly.
Michael Christine, Esq. (United States) - Chief Executive Officer
Michael Christine, known to many as the "Tatted Lawyer" on his social media pages (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter) is a Director on the Board of MNNT Ltd., in charge of compliance, marketing, and collaborative partnerships. Michael is practicing attorney and has been recognized as one of Nation’s Top 40 under 40 Black Attorneys in the United States. Notably he is currently serving as a crypto regulatory advisor to former U.S. presidential candidate, Andrew Yang's newly formed, 'Forward' Political Party.
MNNT Ltd. Certificate of Incorporation