How does fusion work?
NOTE: Please be aware the fusion will only be available until 5000 Outkast NFTs remain.


Fusion is a system that allows the owner of two (2) Outkast NFTs to combine (fuse) two (2) Outkast NFTs together, in order to create a brand new Outkast NFT; mixing and matching the traits of the original two. In the process, one (1) of the two (2) Outkast NFTs used for fusion are burned, making the collection deflationary over time. The collection will continue to reduce in size until only 5000 Outkast NFTs remain.
The cost of fusion starts at 1000 $SHRDS. This allows the fuser to lock any five (5) traits, giving the fuser some control over the randomness of the fusion. If a fuser chooses to lock more than 5 traits, each additional trait will increase the cost of fusion by 100 $SHRDS. (This base price to fuse will increase as more Outkast NFTs are fused).
Users can check the various fusion combinations using the 'Fusion Change Generator' on our website. This allows users to preview their fusions prior to fusing.
Fusion Change Generator to preview fusions possibilities
All of the collections released by MNNT will have these fusion capabilities. Fusions provide a gamified ownership sequence which enables users to select NFTs they may not ordinarily buy, to use for fusion purposes. This allows our collections to remain deflationary naturally shocking the supply through this organically built in fusion utility.

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