Malaia ZK Blueprint

There are different blueprints for zero knowledge protocols, at MNNT we have developed our zero knowledge rollup for the optimal NFT gaming experience.

How Zero Knowledge Proofs Work

Zk-STARKs use cryptographic hash functions, similar to the mining algorithms employed to mine Proof-of-Work cryptoassets like Bitcoin, to produce zero knowledge proofs.The proofs are constructed using publicly verifiable randomness from the hash chain produced by the hash function and known to both the prover and the verifier. Generating zero-knowledge proofs this way makes their deployment more scalable.
Proofs are generated off-chain and then pulled on-chain when required for verification. The way this works is the root of the Merkle Tree is stored on-chain. While the leaves of the tree (proofs) are generated off-chain and then batched together for scalable verification via the root on-chain. Once verified, the root updates to reflect the additional leaves added from the off-chain calculated proofs.
Use of a cryptographic hash function to produce proofs via Merkle trees makes STARKs more transparent than SNARKs. Because information for the cryptographic hash function used to create proofs is public. Which is:

Why We Choose Starks over Snarks

  1. 1.
    ZK-SNARKs require a trusted party or parties to initially setup the ZK proof system which introduced the vulnerability of those trusted parties compromising the privacy of the entire system. ZK-STARKs improve upon this technology by removing the need for a trusted setup.
  2. 2.
    ZK-STARKs are more scalable in terms of computational speed and size when compared to ZK-SNARKs.
  3. 3.
    ZK-SNARKs are vulnerable to attacks from quantum computers due to the cryptography they use but ZK-STARKs are quantum-resistant.
  4. 4.
    Greater transparency.
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