Restricted to the We Are the Outkast Genesis Collection


Missions are a strategic thought invoking basic strategy game that allows 'We Are the Outkast' NFT holders to immerse themselves into the lore of our anime universe. Outkast NFTs can be deployed in max teams of 4 on these missions of varying length in order to generate ERC-20 tokens known as Shards ($SHRDS) for the Outkast NFT owners as well as experience points that go toward leveling up the deployed Outkast NFTs.
Each mission is designed to yield around 125,000 $SHRDS over the mission period. The missions are broken up into different pools where the amount of Outkast NFTs deployed in the mission pool will impact the amount of $SHRDS earned per deployed squad. 125,000 possible $SHRDS to be earned equates to 0.1 $SHRDS earned per second. These 0.1 $SHRDS earned per second are split amongst all Outkast NFTs deployed in that specific mission.
(Example - If only 1 Outkast NFT is deployed and participating in a mission, this Outkast NFT would earn that full Shard. However, once other Outkast NFTs are deployed on this same mission, the Shard distribution is then split between them all in accordance with the power ratings of each deployed squad.)
Missions Launch Screen