Imagine becoming the biggest employer supplying countless jobs in various countries all over the world without actually having any real employees. That is what the future of work may look like with the emergence of the 'Play-To-Earn' game model.
Until now, earning a real income through gaming has been explicitly limited. Unless someone was a popular streamer with the capability of securing sponsorship deals, running ads on stream or winning big money tournaments, your ability to earn through gaming was next to naught.
NFTs are quickly transforming the world and gamified metaverse applications are leading the way in this nascent industry. The traditional gaming models have continued to exploit gamers through free to play games where every day players spend time and money to buy items in-game, but receive no value added for their time or contributions in game. For instance, if a player stops playing a game, all the money and time spent on items, upgrading their players or maxing out their skills in game become worthless. If the game is shut down for any reason, such as a decline in popularity that makes it less profitable, all the player’s in-game purchases vanish as if they never existed and all the players are effectively stripped of all the value they contributed up until this point.
This traditional single profit gaming model is outdated. Years of development have contributed to the relatively fixed gameplay in the game industry where most games are purely virtual, and companies cannot combine the information content in the game with real life, which makes the game and real life in a relatively separated state. This has resulted in a monotonous profit model where companies only make profits by selling the content of the game itself (game itself, DLC, game internal props, etc.), and cannot expand more profit channels.
MNNT Ltd. reimagines this through the idea of play-to-earn gaming. Using the power of blockchain technology, MNNT Ltd. will empower its users, making the terms "play" and "earn" synonymous with one another.
Within our play-to-earn games players can earn by:
Completing missions.
Winning battles.
Completing quests.
Generating value add content.
Loaning or renting out in game items.
Offering goods or services to other users.
Competing in tournaments.
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