The Real and Digital Merch Stores

A Store for the Real World and the Metaverse.
MNNT Ltd. offers a unique experience for its collection holders both within Andrometa and in real life.
MNNT Ltd. gives its users a unique experience by offering the ability to purchase real life merchandise customized with their own unique 1:1 NFTs. This means that NFT owners can purchase merchandise customized with their own NFTs, allowing them the opportunity to flaunt their NFTs anywhere they go.
Tangible Merch Shop for MNNT Ltd. NFT Collections
Additionally, MNNT Ltd. offers an exclusive merchandise store made specifically for your NFTs within our games and metaverse. MNNT Ltd. will be releasing a merchandise store where holders can use $SHRDS to purchase traits, items and NFT assets that can be applied to their NFTs. Depending on what collections you hold, these items can be used for fusion and the creation of legendary traits and weapons.
Item Shop Where Users can Purchase New NFT Wearables for their NFTs
Creating this store allows holders to completely customize their NFTs any way they desire. Andrometa's marketplace creates endless possibilities for different brands and designers to create entirely new collections within the digital space. Where designers can create real NFT fashion assets that can be applied to NFTs on the Malaia chain. When the NFT itself is sold, the digital clothing assets stay with the original holder unless those NFTs are also included in the sale. MNNT Ltd. imagines designer brands designing not only traditional merchandise such as jackets and sneakers for these NFTs but also completely new collections such as a designer armor series, capes, face masks and so on.
This opens a new world of opportunities for brands to establish themselves within Andrometa and expose their brands to a new global client base. Creating entirely new fashion lines specifically designed to be bought and sold within the Andrometa. The possibilities are truly limited only by ones own imagination.