Uniting NFT Communities

Together We All Can Make It
Through the last several years, the NFT space has grown exponentially. Truly hitting its stride in 2021, with an explosion of new and unique projects. As NFTs increase in popularity and use cases, many artists, project founders, and communities compete for relevancy amongst the big names and hyped projects. This is normally done through providing utility attached to ownership of the NFT itself. However, not every artist is a developer and surfing the many unsold projects on the secondary market illustrates the difficulty of distinguishing one project from another.
MNNT Ltd. recognizes this fierce competition among NFT artists and communities alike. In order to begin unifying the NFT space, MNNT Ltd. plans to selectively partner with various NFT projects and communities to provide additional utility to their projects and ultimately their communities. Through these partnerships, MNNT Ltd. will provide these communities and their respective NFTs access to Andrometa as well as to our play-to-earn games using the aforementioned 'Variant Creation System'. With this system, MNNT Ltd. imagine a truly unified NFT space all within one metaverse, Andrometa.