$SHRDS are an ERC-20 utility token that powers the inter-metaverse economy within Andrometa. $SHRDS have a wide array of uses such as:
  • Governance
  • Fusion
  • Customization of MNNT Ltd. NFT Collections
  • Transfer of new NFTs and Variants into Andrometa
  • Variant creation
  • Purchase of new MNNT Ltd. NFT collections, land, and digital assets
  • Interactions amongst users within Andrometa
    • Such as paying for a variety of goods and services
    • Buying and selling land within the Metaverse
    • Renting NFT items
    • Playing Ranked Matches amongst our play-to-earn NFT games
  • Interactive participation in Outkast NFT related mangas and animes.
There are multiple ways to earn $SHRDS, the most efficient way is to own an Outkast NFT and send them on a mission. The second way is to add liquidity to any of our pools on the Malaia chain. Finally, MNNT Ltd. will be hosting regular tournaments in our metaverse allowing the most elite and skillful players to battle it out and earn this premium currency.
$SHRDS Graphic