$SHRDS Staking

Users will have the option to stake their $SHRDS in farming pools to assist in the stabilization and overall strengthening of the inter-metaverse economy within Andrometa. An economy made strong due to the efforts of users and players alike. Users that choose to stake their $SHRDS in one of these pools for one (1) year will be rewarded with additional $SHRDS that can then be used and exchanged within Andrometa and MNNT Ltd.'s NFT marketplace.
As explained in the 'Tokenomics' section, 1,000,000 $SHRDS per month will be distributed evenly among all holders that choose to help secure the network and strengthen the economy of Andrometa. This way MNNT Ltd. can combat whales buying up all $SHRDS and controlling the inter-metaverse economy within Andrometa.