Variant Creation System

The MNNT Ltd. NFT collections provide robust utility for holders of these original collections by allowing holders the ability create "Variants" of their NFTs. A 'Variant' is essentially an authorized derivative NFT made from the original MNNT Ltd. NFT collections. Owners of the MNNT Ltd. collections will have the ability to create brand new NFT Variants from the MNNT Ltd. original collections.
Holders can create these variants as many times as they wish (albeit with increasing $SHRDS cost). The variant itself becomes a brand new NFT that holders can then choose to sell/rent to others to join up, however, what you want to do with these additional NFTs will be up to you.
Variants can be used in the MNNT Ltd. play-to-earn games as well as to access the Andrometa metaverse MMORPG. However, holders will not be able to create a variant from a variant.
The 'Variant Creation System' enables a wide array of opportunities and vastly expands the user base of the MNNT Ltd. games and Andrometa metaverse. Further, it adds value to the original MNNT Ltd NFT collections, since holders can make as many variants as they want to lend, sell or trade.