Variant Creation Opportunities
Fostering New Opportunities within Andrometa
Andrometa offers a completely unique digital experience to its users. The 'Variant Creation System' provides opportunities for artists and creatives all around the world.
Users can purchase from MNNT Ltd. Varianeticist (Variant + Geneticist) licenses. These licenses give their holders the power to create variants in exchange for $SHRDS. MNNT Ltd. aims to foster artistic creativity and allow artists to build their brands, promote their works and make real income within our metaverse by creating these new variant artworks in exchange for $SHRDS. As Andrometa and our user base grows, more artists and creatives will be attracted to our metaverse so that they can begin earning $SHRDS for their services and growing their reputations individually as artists amongst our users. The better the artist the more users will hire them to create their variant NFTs. Aligning with our economic value of user generated content consistently expanding the Andrometa metaverse.
MNNT Ltd. will need to approve the variant creation as the artwork and style will need to fit in with the style of the Andrometa and play-to-earn games themselves.
Example of how a 2D PFP can be made into a 3D NFT with our Variant Creation System (NOTE: This 3D rendition has not had texture or detail added to her, this is a simple depiction).
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