WE ARE THE OUTKAST - Immersive Anime Series

A New Immersive Experience
MNNT Ltd. is made up of four diehard anime, sci fi, and fantasy fans with decades worth of combined viewership. The inspiration for the NFT artwork comes from anime, Star Wars and steam punk, and the lore behind the Andrometa metaverse is no different. An expansive collection of stories from different worlds that will eventually overlap with each other creating one grandiose saga.
MNNT Ltd. is providing viewers with a digital entertainment experience that is the first of its kind in history. All MNNT Ltd. collections come with limited commercial intellectual property rights for NFT owners. Viewers for the first time in history have the ability to own the actual characters they see and follow throughout the series. Owners of these NFTs can then write certain aspects of an episode's story by spending $SHARDS earned within Andrometa. Equally as important, having ownership over certain characters opens a world of economic possibility to the owner of the NFT. Through reselling merchandise, turning that NFT into their own online brand/persona creating and selling variants, etc. The ability for viewers to interact and have ownership over the characters within the show with the anime series has never been done before. Allowing fans to have an even deeper connection to the characters that they know and love. MNNT Ltd. will change the way we consume entertainment media utilizing blockchain enabled ownership of in show characters, items, and worlds.